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odbo×Shenzhen Fashion Week|The Value of Waiting

Posted on July 03 2019

Everything in the world possesses its own rules and values. Where there is light, there must be shadow, and vice versa. Light allows us to perceive and understand the ways of the world. Inspired by the burning candle, odbo reminds us that time is passing by with its newly launched products during 2019F/W Shenzhen Fashion Week......
This season, odbo's designers continue to use black and white color schemes to inject freedom and purity into fashion. The philosophy of contradiction was also highlighted through the simultaneously opposing yet complementingblack and white colors. From clothing to footwear and accessories, odbo's unique artistic perception provides an unparalleled and wise choice for the increasingly individualistic urban elite. At the same time, odbo has managed to create a fashionably savvy T-shaped runway on which light and shadow interplay, and extendedsuch aunique platformto the general public. The minimalistic black and white colors appear strikingly contrastingyet harmonious. Instead of a fashion show, this is more like a philosophical debate.
Our youth may be the reason why we are more sensitive to fashion and why we always see the other side of mainstream fashion. This time, obdobrings unlimited imagination and hope to Shenzhen Fashion Week with itsconcept of passing time and continuation of life through the use of burningcandles. Designers use the design techniques and elements of dripping wax, texture, interplay of light and shadow, and folding to redefine the value of waiting in the black and white world. Taking centerstage is a woman dressed in a black top and long dress. She ambles along in the soft candlelight, exuding an ethereal aura thattranscends worldly confines. A subtle gothic fashion art displayon immersive black and white tones is about to begin……

Subtle goth may have been cemented in modern fashion but remains outside of mainstream trends. Although every item appears cold and aloof, each one conveys a solemnworldly perspective. Hourglasses and black roses, whichserve as sources of inspiration forpoets, have been skillfully integrated into this season's design by odbo designers.

The “crowning moment” of the show is undoubtedly the unique concept of time reversal in the final moments. Tick tock.....the alarm clock sounds on time androuses us from the dream.The final curtain has fallen but we have beenleft wanting for more... Fashion has a way of putting attitudes on full display in a subtle manner.We must continue to forge ahead for the better livesthat we dream of, and persevere in seeking our own self-worth…

We are all multifaceted individuals, perhaps you are complete now!



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