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Grand Launch of odbo 15th Anniversary-overturn (II)

Posted on January 20 2015

odbo colours, inspired by the wild nature, overturns the current ecological principle with seemingly unrelated plants, animals and architectural elements, namely, the reconstruction and mosaic of abstract appearance present multi-level culture with the fusion of craftwork, thus creating a surreal strange world.

The fashionable edo1° kids looks comfortable and simple. The mosaic and mix & match style makes it a high-class brand though it includes brilliant colors and imaginary patterns in the design. The master-of-amusement-playground-look lovely kid models have melted the heart of audiences.

The Alien has overturned the fashion industry

dbo was born 15 years ago like an alien attacking the fashion circle in China. It updated people’s understanding on fashion with creativity and individuality, overturned their aesthetics and created a miracle.

Today, 15 years later, Erik L.Hui , the head of odbo, landed on the venue at the last minute with a wire like an alien again. What an impressive way of appearance! This was another overturn and surprise odbo brought to us.

Mr. Hui  made a short but firm speech. He said: Thank you all for accompanying us in the past 15 years of black and white, and 15 years of persistence. From now on, we will usher in another 15 years.

odbo designers appeared on the stage with their works when the theme song “Black & White” of odbo was played, drawing down the curtain for odbo 15th anniversary celebration perfectly. We are strongly supported to believe that the alien odbo will have a more brilliant and wider future.

There isn’t a so-called observer or admirer as long as you are brave and perseverant enough, because everybody can be the winner of his life.



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