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Grand Launch of odbo 15th Anniversary-overturn (I)

Posted on January 20 2015

If life is a game, we will set the world a pleasure ground.
The process of life is a process of discovering and overturning, presenting a sense of game.

Columbus found the earth round with a compass and a ship; Picasso created a brand-new 2D space with canvas and paint; with black-and-white keys and unclear lyrics, Jay Chou portrayed the colors of youth different from the young who were born in the 1980s…The game is always created by those who never follow the convention!

odbo, the black-and-white fashion leader that conquers the world with individuality, avant-garde and creativity, held a grand 15th anniversary with the theme of “Over-Turn” in its headquarters Shenzhen on January 18th, 2015, which overturned people’s former understanding and definition of grand event as odbo presented an amusement park with endless surprises and wonders!


odbo Headquarters turned into a site for carnival

The creative palm signature wall

A party that you can’t have great fun is not a celebration 

hat day, nearly 1,000 partners and franchisees of odbo and media practitioners joined the grand event to witness the unprecedented crowded fashion kingdom. Everybody got one guideline and instruction in the reception. They would get virtual currency on the site too. When they stepped in the venue, odbo celebration mode was opened.

The pet area in the entrance attracted guests’ attention with lovely dogs, the mythical beast mother alpaca and baby alpaca, and the purebred pony. An amusement park shall never allow to have lovely animals absent!

What an extreme fashion for the pet!

Next, a large number of handsome Harley-Davidson and models with the latest blank-and-white fashion of odbo struck the venue with great visual impact.

What Harley-Davidson demonstrates is not only the life, but also an attitude

On the venue the most exciting video game area, inspiring lottery area and competition-oriented game area were partitioned, each of which has been set up with punishment and reward rules. Guests can exchange different gifts with the virtual currency. The energetic performance of the band, the arena built on the T-platform for Thai boxing king, the seamlessly connected dress-up experience area…Creatively, odbo fused all scenes boosting the adrenaline of people in its venue to make the carnival a real party. In addition, its independent action, avant-garde brand-management attitude and fashionable lifestyle have been demonstrated vividly and distinctively. 

Life is a game, right?

Who is the king of black and white!

odbo, a founder and leader of black-and-white fashion, has created several series brands like odbo ladies, odbo men, odbo women, odbo colours, odbo eyewear, and manmade natural in past 15 years sine 1999, presenting the audiences rich product categories of high-class men’s, women’s and accessories. odbo has never stopped its pace to explore, innovate, overturn wear redefine and interpret the meaning of fashion.

Nearly 60 outstanding models from Guangzhou and Shenzhen put on a show for new arrivals of fall of 2015 of its several sub-brands in the ceremony. This time, edo 1°kids, the famous HK hong kong designer team, was invited to launch its new designs, offering new and exceptional choices for kids

odbo ladies and odbo men combine the deformations of rivers, mountains, oceans, starry sky, insects and other natural landscapes with international trends, splicing a black-and-white art space with silk, fiberflax and mixed artificial fiber.



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